Dakota Dual Sport Supply    INTRODUCING:  Powder River Panniers  

                                               Waterproof, soft luggage for dual sport motorcycle adventures

 Going on a motorcycle trip for a few weeks.  Bags will resume shipping on                                   November 21 2017   Thanks, Shep

Gear for dual sport motorcycle riders BY dual sport riders.

History:  In 2006 a good friend bought a KLR 650 and began his mission to convert others into dual sport motorcycle riding.  Living in the Black Hills of South Dakota, amidst 6000 miles of dirt and gravel roads, it was an easy choice.  Thus "El Diablo" the Fighting Chickens Motorcycle Club was born.  We are a small, loosely affiliated organization devoted to adventures on two wheels.  The quest for the perfect gear lead us to develop some of our own. 


"If you ride near gnarley freaking fish, you need gnarley freaking bags."  Hayduke